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Top Rated Physical Therapists in Clarks Summit

Discover exceptional physical therapy at our Clarks Summit clinic! Our licensed therapists are trained in a wide range of treatments that enhance recovery, improve flexibility, and build strength.

We pride ourselves on creating personalized therapy plans that blend Pilates with traditional methods for a comprehensive approach to your health. Whether you need injury therapy, IASTM, or sports rehab, trust our team for professional service and education on preventing future injuries. Experience the difference with our tailored, enhanced physical therapy solutions.


Personalized Care from Our Team

Every individual is unique, and similarly, no two injuries are identical—even if they involve the same body part. Our skilled medical team is committed to assessing your specific needs and developing a tailored treatment plan designed to restore you to your optimal self. Throughout your journey, our dedicated staff will provide you with personalized care and support at every appointment, ensuring your path to recovery is both focused and fulfilling.

Our Proven 4-Phase Recovery Program

It can be frustrating and overwhelming when you’re in pain and don’t know where to turn for help. Our physical therapy experts will work with you one-on-one to identify the root cause of your pain and create a personalized treatment plan that will reduce your pain quickly. We’ll also provide you with helpful resources like exercises and pain reduction tips so you can continue to progress even after leaving our clinic. On average our patients see a significant reduction in pain in 6 visits or less.

We all know that reducing pain is important, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated after the initial relief. It can be tough to keep up the momentum after your pain has subsided. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get moving again. During Phase II, we help you regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength so you can continue on your path to success. With our help, you’ll be primed for future performance and able to prevent injury.

You’ve been sidelined by an injury and you’re eager to get back to your old self as soon as possible. It’s frustrating when you’re injured and can’t do the things you love. Sitting on the sidelines is hard, especially when everyone else seems to be moving on without you. That’s where our physical therapists come in. We’ll help you rehab your injury so that you can get back to your old self as quickly as possible. With our personalized treatment plans and experienced therapists, we’ll have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

You’ve just suffered an injury and the last thing you want to do is go through the pain again. It’s normal to feel concerned that the injury will occur again. In fact, most people worry about this very thing. That’s why our physical therapists make sure that you are equipped with the tools needed to prevent any future injury. We’ll help you recover quickly and safely so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Meet Our Team

Julie Tinkelman

Physical Therapist, Owner

Donna Sokolowski

Physical Therapist

Dr. Sarah Walker

Physical Therapist

Dr. Bryan Schmidt

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jessica Bertocki

Physical Therapist

Carla Mitchell

Physical Therapy Assistant

Joan E. Kuzma

Physical Therapy Assistant

Rachel Piazza

Physical Therapy Assistant

Amy Burchell-Girts

Licensed Massage Therapist



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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great first-line treatment for most muscle and joint problems. Clinically proven to reduce pain and dysfunction, physical therapy also saves you time and money too.


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Live Pain Free in
Clarks Summit

We recognize your desire for an active, comfortable, and capable lifestyle. To attain this, your body needs to function optimally. Dealing with pain, injury, or weakness can be disheartening and confusing.

We are committed to the belief that everyone deserves a fully functional body. Drawing on our own experiences with injury, we have successfully guided thousands back to their active routines.

Here’s our approach:

  1. Share your journey with us.
  2. Get your personalized treatment strategy.
  3. Begin your journey to improvement.
  4. Achieve your goals.

Our Physical Therapy Programs

We ensure our patients receive premium physical therapy programs customized to suit their individual needs!

Our programs are designed with your physical health goals in mind, starting from pain management and advancing through corrective exercises to enhance your body’s strength. Depending on your specific needs, we may incorporate Pilates-based rehabilitation exercises. These are selected carefully to complement your recovery, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning when beneficial.

Next, you’ll move on to functional training for improved movement and balance as it fits your recovery. The final phase focuses on injury prevention to maintain strength and prevent future injuries, offering a tailored approach to your wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during physical therapy sessions?

Physical therapy sessions typically involve an assessment of your condition, manual techniques to improve mobility and flexibility, individualized exercises and activities to help you reach your goals, education on how to prevent further injury or pain, and instruction on proper posture, body mechanics and other lifestyle changes. 

Do I need a referral from my doctor before attending Physical Therapy?

We are a direct access state. This means you are able to be seen by a physical therapist without a referral for up to thirty days.

What do I need to wear or bring with me?

You should dress in comfortable, loose clothing that allows you to move easily and doesn’t restrict circulation. You should also bring any paperwork related to your medical history, including x-rays, ultrasounds, and doctor’s notes.

Is there anything I can do before my appointment to prepare?

Yes! Make sure you arrive for your session well-rested so that you can give it your full attention and energy. It is also helpful if you keep track of how much pain medication (if any) you take prior to the appointment so that the physical therapist can adjust the intensity of treatment accordingly.

How long will my physical therapy sessions last?

Sessions typically last 30-60 minutes depending on your condition and the types of techniques used. Your physical therapist will give you an estimate when you first arrive for your appointment.

Are there any exercises I can do at home between appointments to help improve my condition?

Yes! Your physical therapist may provide specific exercise recommendations for you to try in between visits, which will help speed up your recovery and progress faster toward reaching your goals. It’s important to follow these carefully and always check with your PT before starting a new exercise program if you have any questions or concerns.

What if I have questions after my physical therapy session?

Your physical therapist should be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment plan before and after each visit. You can also contact the clinic directly for further assistance. We want you to get the most out of every session!

Will insurance cover my physical therapy?

It depends on your insurance plan. Most plans cover some or all of the costs associated with physical therapy, but you should check with your provider to determine coverage and any associated fees.

How often will I need to attend physical therapy sessions?

The frequency of visits will depend on your individual goals and condition, but typically it is recommended that patients attend 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 4-6 weeks in order to maximize results. Your therapist will provide more details during your initial appointment.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Every person’s situation is unique; therefore the amount of time needed to reach goals varies. With commitment and dedication from both you and your physical therapist, you can expect to start seeing results within a few weeks. The more positive lifestyle changes you make, the faster your progress will be!

Will my physical therapist be able to answer any questions I have about my condition?

Yes! Your physical therapist should be available to discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding your condition or treatment plan. Don’t hesitate to bring up any issues that may arise during the course of therapy.

What if I feel too much pain during a session?

If at any time during your physical therapy session you experience increased pain, it’s important to let your therapist know so they can adjust the intensity or technique as necessary. Your therapist will work with you to make sure that treatment is comfortable and effective for you

How will I know when I no longer need physical therapy?

Your physical therapist should be able to provide guidance on when it is appropriate to stop attending physical therapy sessions based on your progress, goals, and overall health status. It’s important to listen to your therapist and continue with treatment until they feel you are ready to move on.

We accept a variety of insurance plans. In addition to those noted below, we accept Workers’ Compensation, auto accident insurance, and many more. Please call and we will verify your insurance benefits.